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Create Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Most people you invite over come in the evening, right? So maybe they don’t see your lovely garden, exotic plants, or your abundant trees; and that single porch light is likely more of a bug attractor than a burglar deterrent. Maybe it’s time to consider professional outdoor lighting. But, where do you begin?

Want beautiful shadows and intense highlights. Here’s how designers get that natural moonlight look, while adding curb appeal to a home:

Highlight trees. Whether illumined from below or given presence by a light mounted in the tree itself, trees make stunning features.

Use uplights. Uplighting is dramatic because we expect light to shine downward. Used in moderation, it’s a great way to highlight architectural and landscaping features.

Have a focus. The entryway is often center stage, a way of saying, “Welcome” to guests.

Combine beauty and function. Adding lighting to plantings along a pathway breaks up the “runway” look of too many lights strung alongside a walk.

Vary the fixtures. Designers often turn to a wide range of fixtures, area lights, step lights, and bollards or post lights.

Stick to warm light. A rainbow of colors is possible, but most designers avoid anything but warm white light, preferring to showcase the house and its landscape rather than create a light show.

Set up a timer. A timer, with confirmation from a photocell or activated through Bluetooth, brings the display to life as the sun sets.

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