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Deck Lighting for Delightful Evenings in the Backyard

A delightful deck has the light built right in! But if not, we provide the best deck lighting design and installation in Ashburn, Leesburg, Aldie, and all of Northern Virginia.

There were many options to consider when you added a deck on to your home. Materials, colors, size, shape, and accessories could have all made your head spin. During your deck addition project, you may have decided the deck lighting was not needed or could be added later. Or maybe your home already had ad deck without lighting. In either case, adding deck lighting is a brilliant way to extend the hours you get to spend in a space you adore!

Types of Deck Lighting

  1. Stair Riser Lighting
  2. Under-Railing Lighting – for stairs and railings
  3. Post-Cap Lights
  4. Half-Moon Post Lights
  5. Overhead Market Lighting

It would be rare for us to recommend just one of the solutions above for your deck. We in fact, usually mix and match them for the perfect versatility.

Just imagine the possibilities:

Add stair riser lights and under-railing lights to illuminate your stairs for safe navigation and sure-footing to and from the deck from the yard.

With lighting under your deck’s railing, you’ll enjoy a soft glow around the entire perimeter of the space. Perfect for a quiet evening under the stars with a cold beverage in hand.

For additional light near a point of interest or to illuminate the deck floor from above, we can add half-moon lights to the posts. These lights can be mounted high or low on any vertical post and are great for many functional and aesthetic purposes.

If your deck is the party space – definitely consider the overhead market lighting. With a flip of the switch, you’ll have an instant party. But, you can choose to leave them off and only utilize your subtler deck accent lighting instead. Your choice!

With a custom deck lighting system designed by our expert lighting team, you’ll enjoy increased safety with subtle visibility and the flexibility for less or more depending on the evening’s activities. Call our team today to schedule a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home! We’ll come out and let you see your deck illuminated before you commit! (703) 361-0505

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