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Why is my outdoor lighting not working correctly? What all does it need to perform better and more efficiently?

What is an Outdoor Lighting Assessment Score?

The Lighting Assessment Score (LAS) is our expert process by which we inspect any outdoor lighting system to provide a score and checklist for needed and recommended system repairs and improvements.

assess your outdoor lighting system for freeIs your outdoor lighting system not working? Is your aging system featuring many poorly aimed or not working lights? Do you need help getting your landscape lighting back up and running? Or maybe it has just been years since your installation or last service and your lights could use maintenance and a refresh. We have just the service you’ve been waiting for, and it is FREE!

The Lighting Assessment Process

Our expert comprehensive diagnostic process will allow you to understand precisely where and how your landscape lighting system can be repair or improved. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Lighting Assessment Score (LAS) was designed with over 20 years of experience in designing and installing luxurious outdoor lighting systems across the nation. Our team of lighting experts knows what to look for and how to fix it.

What to Expect at Your LAS Appointment

Your expert lighting technician will conduct a thorough diagnostic of every aspect of your entire outdoor lighting system. We will turn your landscape lighting system on and inspect every fixture, every line, and every design aspect on your property. A 100-point scale will be used to give you an easy to understand categorized and a detailed checklist of where your system can use repairs or improvements. We’ll assess your system in the following categories:

Design | Fixtures/Bulbs | System Maintenance | Power Source/Transformer | Wiring | Control System

We’ll leave you with your Lighting Assessment Score, complete with recommendations and estimates, so you’ll know exactly in which category your system could use improvement and what that would entail. No matter who installed your outdoor lighting system and when, we are happy to provide this complimentary service.

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